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Legal assistance with the purchase/sale of property

We will advise and assist you in the negotiation and conditions of contracts, advising you throughout the process, accompanying you to the Notary Public offices for the granting of deeds, managing the opening of bank accounts for non-residents, so that all of this may be carried out in a secure and guaranteed manner so that all of this may be carried out in a secure and guaranteed manner.

Tax payment procedures

Income tax for individuals, non-residents, patrimonies, companies, municipal taxes and fees; property tax, capital gains tax, licence fees…

Legal processes

Pursuit of late payments, divorces, division of inheritance, evictions, traffic accidents, drunk driving, execution of sentences…

Property owner communities

Advising property owners and the community of owners. We can help you with the management of the property owner community, attend the meetings for you.
Late payment pursuit services are carried out for the community.

Company assessment

Incorporation, management and advising of companies, limited liability societies, even taxes, etc. Request for and obtaining fiscal identification number (CIF) for new companies, even foreign companies.

Procedures, Processes and Notarial Assistance

New building and works completion declarations, rectification of boundaries, capacity expansion, deeds of acceptance and partition of inheritance, wills, notarized divorces…

Administrative procedures

Before the City Hall and the Consell Insular: works licences and seasonal rentals, occupancy permits, urban planning certificates, seniority certificates


Allegations, last name changes, foreign identification number (NIE) requests, insurance management (Check with us before purchasing your insurance plan),
Claims for damages caused by losses, both in the home and bodily harm from traffic accidents. Animal rights; animal abuse complaints and compensation for bites or other injuries

And remember that we offer all our legal advice in Spanish, German and English.


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